Being Gay in a Mountain Cabin | Sierra Nevada, California | Travel Vlog

Come be gay with me on this mountain cabin adventure in Shaver Lake, California, in the Sierra Nevada mountains!

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10 thoughts on “Being Gay in a Mountain Cabin | Sierra Nevada, California | Travel Vlog”

  1. You’re so CUTE. You probably don’t want comments like this, but I cannot help myself! You have such beautiful eyes… Ohhhkay, I’m super excited what you got in store for us in 2019 and I’ll be here for it! Love you
    Bradley B!

  2. Looks beautiful there and clearly you had a good time. I’m really enjoying the lighter side of Bradley that we’ve been seeing lately.

  3. Was that Brokeback Mountain that you just climbed in the last clip? LOL

  4. Looks gorgeous! Hope you had a great time and hope that your Dad makes a few cameos. Dads of gay men are always an enigma to me. With the right dessert I could probably persuade mine to at least say hello 🙂 BTW, the nails SNAP! Be well 🙂 – Steve

  5. Seemingly, you are back and forth between the US and the UK quite often from what I can tell. CA, NJ, UK and I think NY too, have ti look back. So you are doing travel vlogs. And sitting behind a camera and talking is good when you have freat topics to talk about. A good mix of videos is always best. Plus you’re cute.

  6. I was going to ask about those nails by the way. I must have internalized homophobia too, it was kinda freaking me out until you brought it up.

  7. Hi Bradley. A vlog very well made. There is nothing better than being out in the woods breathing in fresh air once in a while😃😃. So love your vlogs an I cannot wait for your next one hopefully soon😘😘😘

  8. I really, really like your travel vlogs! Happy New Year Bradley. What beautiful scenery and cabin too!

    I like your nails. Funny, I go to a lady here in town who has a beauty shop and she is a Christian. I use her to fix my feet up nicely. One time I joked with her about painting my toenails, thinking she would never do such. She thought it was great and paints my toenails in various colors now. I asked her if any other guys have theirs done. She suggested I am not the only one (most people in this town are evangelical Christians).

    I really wish you the best this new year Bradley! You continue to shine!

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