California Travel // Cinematic 4K // Shot on iPhone XS Max

a project i’ve been working on for some time now. thank you to everyone whose supported me since the start. eternally grateful.

all footage shot on iphone xs max

shoutout to ryan nangle and marc webster + lukas eriksen (learned a lot from you guys and thank you for help w/ presets and transitions)

and sam kolder – videos are forever sick, and have inspired me for a lifetime. thank you. (also i kinda copied your video LOL. you’re probably never gonna see this but if you do all creds go to you)

one last thing. the world has seemed to have fallen apart in the past couple of months. and things may get scary, but we need to remember to stay above it all and focus on what’s to come and the light that we still have here right now.

thank you.

music: reverie – illenium & king deco

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