16 thoughts on “California Trip | Cinematic Travel Film | LA, Hollywood, Pasadena, Venice Beach, Santa Monica”

  1. Ja ik zat er dus helemaal in he met dat nieuwe begin die ik nog nooooit gezien heb

  2. Awesome look at LA! Love the retro opening. Love all the shots in Santa Monica/Venice. I like how they are kinda close and abstract. Really cool! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great video about California!
    Do you recommend it for a holliday trip?

    1. @Nils K in my opnion you should go for at LEAST like 1.5 weeks. Because there really is a whole lot to see and it’s so friggin’ huge

    2. @RS- Entertainment good to know.
      So you would suggest to go there for more then a view days?

    3. Ow definetly! You should plan out what you wanna see beforehand tho, because it’s a lot bigger than you think.

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