How to prepare for a California – Alaska camping road trip / long distance trip

In this video I will describe to you how I planned for my California – Alaska road trip.
I will point out the main steps you need to take and the time frame, only in a few words here, but if you watch the video you will get a lot more details (that’s why it’s so long lol). I also let you know what my time frame was, which is pretty much last minute for most things. So, yes, it can be done in less time, if you’re not a planner type.

6-12 month: decide where you are going, who’s going with you, are you taking pets?
(I decided on the trip and all these details 6 months prior)

6-12 months: decide how are you going to camp? tent camping / back packing / sleeping in your car / truck / include some hotels / RV / travel trailer. If tent camping or even RV camping, is it dispersed camping or in developed campground / RV parks.

6-12 months: figure out your route. Where will you travel, where will you stop to sleep (reserve campsites possibly), what will you see? Buy passes and prepay for as ,any things as possible.
(i started planning this 1-3 months before, really only a week before my trip in more details)

3-6 months: your plan. How many miles / how many days will it take? How much are you driving each day? Are you on a deadline?

3 months: give your vehicle a check up. 1 month prior I had my transmission serviced, new break, 2 new tires and an oil change

1-3 months: if you’re taking take them to the vet and give them a check up. If you’re going to Canada, you must get a passport for your dogs (health exam / rabies shots), otherwise they will not let them in.

1-3 months: take yourself to the doctor and get a check up for yourself. Fill any prescription medications you are taking.

2-3 months: make sure your passport is valid and won’t expire during your trip. It takes 6 weeks to get it renewed, give yourself 8.

1 month: figure out where you will leave your cars. Is anyone watching your house? How about your mail? (post office hold and have someone bring it in your house). What about valuables? I have a friend keep my guns in his safe.

1 month (maybe earlier) do a test run. Camp in a way you will be camping. This might be very different from your normal camping. Take notes during the trip.

1 month: make sure your ATM card won’t expire. Call your bank and credit card and inform them of your traveling to ensure your cards will work.

Last minute: stay organized. Make a binder or do something that allows you to keep everything in one place. Make sure you have cash. Make sure someone will know where you are at all times.

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