My First Time to CALIFORNIA!!!!!

I took my first trip to California to see Isaac! I was there 4 days and vlogged all of them! In this video I show my flight, the hotel where I stayed, and lots more!!

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12 thoughts on “My First Time to CALIFORNIA!!!!!”

  1. I’ve been to LA once 2 years ago. I thought it was really beautiful. I live in Hawaii 🙂

  2. i’m just posting my California vlogs – i wanna go back. It’s incredible x

  3. I am looking to visit Cali how are the people there?

    1. Dylan Leyvas yeah we really like foreigners. Ask an American and they just list so many terrible traits

    2. Gabriel Guzman very kind didn’t meet one mean person when I went

  4. How did you get the location symbol in your video I’ve been trying for days

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