Road Trip Vlog 3 – New York to California

In this episode we drive for 5 days and some 3000+ miles from Niagara Falls, NY to San Diego, California. Last month we decided that the Miami heat was a little too much for us. So, here we are, only a month later, driving across the country. It’s a long drive… & this is our second time doing it!

We take many detours during our journey to try to explore a little and see more landscapes. Road tripping is hard work, but we tried to prioritize filming and making stops in each state to drone.

So here is the 3rd and final episode of our road trip!!

Hope you enjoy & if you do, please don’t forget to like it. πŸ™

Vlogs will be from San Diego for a while. See you in the first San Diego Vlog!

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8 thoughts on “Road Trip Vlog 3 – New York to California”

  1. GREAT Job on the VideoUpload! You’ve recieved a thumbs up from us. Keep going and hope you can connect back!

    God Bless

    1. Thank you!! πŸ™ Bless you too!! ✨

  2. I loooved this one! Such an adventure! And welcome home πŸ™‚

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