Travel Day | Disneyland Resort in California Vlog | Day 1 | Virgin Atlantic Economy | Adam Hattan

Join me for a week at the ORIGINAL Disneyland in Anaheim California! It’s Travel Day with Virgin Atlantic and check-in.

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Come fly with me from Heathrow Terminal 3 with Virgin Atlantic to sunny (but not so warm) Anaheim, California! On-board Virgin Atlantic, I show you what economy looks like in the middle section and review some Bose noise cancelling headphones that I bought in Duty Free. Once at LAX, I show you how to get to Anaheim via ride share (e.g. Uber).

I’m spending my week staying at Sheraton Park Anaheim. Once checked-in, I give you a full room tour of my corner, 2 queen standard, Disneyland view room. Sheraton Park Anaheim is based near the Anaheim Convention Center at about a 15-20 minute walk from the Disney parks. I’ve previously stayed at the Mariott and Hilton in the same area and these are some very nice places to stay! The three tend to flex in price but if you go at the right time, one’s normally cheaper than the rest.

Once settled into the room, I venture to Downtown Disney to check out the newly refurbished World of Disney store and pick-up dinner from Jazz Kitchen Express quick service.

Back at the room, I pop down to CVS to pick-up some money saving essentials for the room. Such as breakfast cereal, cans of Coke Zero and bottled water.

Throughout the vlog I’ll be sharing some of my travel, Disneyland Resort planning and vacation tips as well as some little known facts of Disneyland and California Adventure.

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  1. Moooorning adam!Yaaaaayyyyyy California time!!! And then after will hopefully be your Paris trip woop woop🙏 keep up the good work

  2. Sleep deprived slap happy Adam is rather amusing. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the series 🙂

  3. If you want to reduce your single use plastics, you can buy reusable Brita filter bottles so you can refill from the taps but still enjoy filtered water 🙂

  4. Your excitement was adorable and lovely to watch. made my day.

  5. Yaassss..another great vlog. Can’t wait to see the next one and the DLP vlogs. 😘

  6. Hey Adam, it amazing to see you’ve got your spark back. Love these videos. Sets me up for the week ahead. Love ya ❤️❤️❤️

  7. I live in LA! Totally looking forward to this series

  8. Your vlogs are so much better recently! You seem so much happier and less stuck in a rut. Be encouraged my friend 💖

  9. That impression of Mr Bean had me laughing 😂

  10. Loved this! Sunday complete. Looking forward to the series. xoxoxo

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