13 thoughts on “Travel Town Museum, Los Angeles, California”

  1. O my dear Patricia,
    You get me so nostalgic with those California tours!

  2. That Travel Town is in Griffith Park. It was my favorite place to visit as a kid growing up in Los Angeles.

  3. There’s a great train museum in Sacramento if you get up there

    1. Sue Prost Thanks …nice to know if we get out that way☺🌸

  4. Patricia my husband is a retired Railroad Engineer and thoroughly enjoyed this video. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us.

  5. My grandfather had a basement full of train sets and scenery and the little buildings and people It was before I was born but my father still has some of those things stored away

    1. My grandpa did, too! I loved going into the basement & getting to run the train, honk the horn, & he even had a hopper to fill the empty train cars with stuff that looked like gravel! I loved it!! I miss him 😥

  6. all I can think off when I see those old wagons is a Hot Sun , bugs and hemorrhoids

  7. Thanks for the little distraction. Also thanks for reminding us California still has value and maybe we shouldn’t write off and retreat to another state.

  8. Beautiful machinery ! Didn’t know it was in LA. I want to go there.

  9. Thank You so very much . trains are Awesome thanks for letting us tag along on your outing

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