8 thoughts on “travel with me to california ;)”

  1. i recently came across ur videos and i just want to say ur glo up videos really resonated with me and inspired me to go through my own process. I was literally going through the same exact thing you felt and was lacking motivation to push myself but after ur 2 videos, i decided to take it to my own hands so THANK YOU QUEEN. Also idk if anyone told u this but im proud of u girlie with that glo up process!

    1. that just made my night! omg that literally makes me so happy wtf!!!! look at you go girl! i am so proud of you and i wish you luck on your journey!!!! let me know on updates of your journey! you can DM me on insta and let me know!!! I wanna be a part of your glow up! you got this 🙂

    1. omg im literally smiling so big rn thank you!!!!!! i love you!!

    1. i love you !!!!! literally this comment just put me in the best mood!!!

  2. hi, are interested in making friends from other countries? i used to watch ur vids a year or more ago then i lost u now im finally watching ur vlogs , anyway if u are let me follow u on instagram

    1. my insta is elisemarin8!!!! thanks for watching! 🙂

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